S7 Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter With MP3 Player, Hands-Free, USB Charger


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This product is Bluetooth hands-free phones, Bluetooth FM transmitter automotive car charger car MP3 card recognition of comprehensive function.
S7 is a special kind of Bluetooth FM transmitter, Bluetooth hands-free car, car mp3.
It USES professional high-performance Bluetooth module, the built-in MP3 / WMA decoding chip, can U disk or TF card wireless transmission to the car stereo music files.
And, as long as your mobile phone is connected with Bluetooth, connect you phone to your car stereo music launch, calls can switch to the h-f state, at the end of the conversation, will automatically switch to the music played.
Its built-in FM launches, MP3 decoding, and stereo Bluetooth wireless transmission chip, to be able to TF card, U disk, mobile phone audio or songs played back through your car stereo, do not need to be modified your car, can let you drive on the way can enjoy the music and you can use a hands-free phone calls, entertainment, security.
1. auto start after ignition, can display the current car battery voltage The song
2. U disk and TF card.
3. via bluetooth A2DP technology, the inside of the mobile phone audio transmission and high quality stereo music to the car stereo.
4. support HFP/HSP, OPP, A2DP/AVRCP, PBAP bluetooth protocol.
5. with telephone voice the voice prompt function such as times, incoming number display on the screen.
6. FM transmission frequency range: 87.5 ~ 108.0 Mhz.
7. bluetooth hands-free function, with the function of DSP echo elimination.
8. USB interface for charging the all kinds of mobile phone, the biggest 3.1 A charging current.
9. wide voltage power supply 12 v and 24 v, suitable for all kinds of voltage automobile use.
10. is equipped with power off memory and can store the current broadcast frequency.

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