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Lileng Anti-Insect USB Mini Fan + New Age 7500mAh Power Bank

This is a very portable fan, It can be carried around since it is battery powered. It can also be used indoor, Just place it on your work table, or your home desk near the computer...

Portable Cooling Fan Powered by Lithium Rechargeable Battery & USB

This mini handheld Portable USB Fan is an easy to carry rechargeable air cooling fan powered by Lithium Rechargeable Battery. It gives you the breeze you need to stay cool practica...

Scanfrost Deep Fryer Plastic Body with Stainless Steel | SFDF 3000

For those that want to enjoy fried food but want to keep things healthy, a health fryer is a great option. The Scanfrost Deep Fryer SFDF3000 is the healthier way to fry chips and c...

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